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A Nu ViiBe offers a unique way of approaching relaxation and relieving bodily or mental stress through an ancient artistry of guiding universal life energy throughout the body by way of Reiki Therapy. This alternative treatment originated in Japan and has been effective in seeking wellness and healing.

What is Reiki? ☾

In the context of African American spiritual traditions, the method of "Laying hands" has been a significant practice in black churches. This powerful act involves the gentle laying of hands on an individual, believed to convey spiritual blessings, healing energy, and a connection to the divine. It serves as a means of channeling positive energy to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Similarly, the practice of Reiki, rooted in Japanese tradition, shares common ground with the concept of "Laying hands." Reiki harnesses universal life force energy, and practitioners either touch or hover their hands above the body to facilitate relaxation, stress reduction, and overall healing. This method has been embraced for thousands of years, emphasizing the interconnectedness of energy and its role in promoting holistic well-being.

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    My 1st Reiki session with Asha was a different type of healing and feeling. It took me to a place of sincere tranquility, relief and comfort. I can proudly say Reiki has taken away some of my spiritual, emotional and mental abuse! - Resillience C.

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    Reiki was totally new for me but it turned out to be such a blessing in my life. During my first session, I was really sick and Asha did distance reiki on me and I begin feeling better the next few days. -JuJu D.

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    I loved my distant reiki session from Asha! I immediately felt a wave of peace and calmness. I also felt relieved of the neck pain I was experiencing. I am grateful for this experience and will be booking again! She is truly amazing!!!-Athena W.

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Nine One Accessories ☆

Welcome to Nine One Accessories, a powerful extension of the Nu ViiBe brand. Nine One Accessories is where the artistry of spirituality meets the elegance of handcrafted adornments. Each custom piece tells a unique story. At Nine One Accessories, we are more than a spiritual boutique; we are curators of celestial craftsmanship. Our passion lies in crafting exquisite crystal headpieces, waist beads, and hand-wrapped jewelry that transcend the ordinary. Each creation is a manifestation of divine energy, carefully curated to enhance your inner radiance and spiritual connection.

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