Reiki Services

What is Reiki?


In the context of African American spiritual traditions, the method of "Laying hands" has been a significant practice in churches. This powerful ritual involves the gentle laying of hands on an individual, believed to convey spiritual blessings, healing energy, and a connection to the divine. It serves as a means of channeling positive energy to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Similarly, the practice of Reiki, rooted in Japanese tradition, shares common ground with the concept of "Laying hands." Reiki harnesses universal life force energy, and practitioners either touch or hover their hands above the body to facilitate relaxation, stress reduction, and overall healing. This method has been embraced for thousands of years, emphasizing the interconnectedness of energy and its role in promoting holistic well-being.


We offer 30- and 60-minute sessions: 
-60 Minute Reiki Session: $65, 
-30 Minute Reiki Session: $45 ~ includes chakra balancing.
    Not in the area or comfortable with in person sessions? We also offer remote! Reiki is powerful to work even without you being in the same room with the practitioner. Notes and any recommendations sent afterwards via email.
    Distant (Remote) Reiki Session: $55 for 1hour