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Connect with Your Roots ~ Ancestor Reading 🔮

Connect with Your Roots ~ Ancestor Reading 🔮

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Ancestral Reading:
Connect with Your Roots

This reading offers a unique opportunity to receive messages from both your maternal and paternal ancestral lines, unveiling a deeper understanding of your identity and roots. Explore the inherited gifts from each side of your lineage and discover the ancestor most eager to collaborate with you. Together, you can unlock your potential and achieve meaningful goals.

10-Card Reading - $125:
Delve into a comprehensive exploration of messages from your ancestors, gaining detailed insights into your lineage and inherited gifts.

3-Card Reading - $75:
Uncover key messages from your ancestors, providing focused insights into specific aspects of your heritage and ancestral connections.

1-Card Reading - $65:
Receive a concise yet powerful message from your ancestors, offering a glimpse into the guidance and wisdom they have to share.

Start your journey of self-discovery, connecting with your ancestral heritage to gain valuable insights and unlock the potential within your lineage. Choose the option that resonates with you, and let the wisdom of your ancestors guide you on your path.

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